Dry fruit export: opportunities and challenges

The dried fruit industry is one of the most important and prosperous industries in the field of food industry, which has received a lot of attention at the global level. Dry fruits include products such as pistachios, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins, dates, barberry, etc., which have high nutritional properties and play an important role in human nutrition. These products are in high demand in the global market due to their high nutritional value, delicious taste and health properties.

Dry fruits are exported to different countries including China, India,UAE,Europe, America, etc. These countries are dependent on producing countries such as Iran, Turkey, America, etc. due to their lack of natural resources or high domestic demand for dried fruits. However, the export of dry fruits still faces challenges that can help the development of this industry by investigating and solving them.

One of the important challenges in the export of dry fruits is the issue of product quality. To enter the global markets, dried fruit products must have high quality, freshness and appropriate health standards. In order to maintain the quality of the products during transportation and storage, it is necessary to use new technologies in the field of packaging and to maintain the freshness of the products.

Another challenge in the export of dry fruits is the issue of competition with other producing countries. In order to attract new markets and increase the share in old markets, countries should pay attention to proper advertising and marketing and use appropriate strategies to increase their competitiveness.

In addition, issues related to export facilities, export laws and regulations, price fluctuations in the world market, etc. can also be mentioned as other challenges in the way of dry fruit export development.

But despite the challenges, dry fruit export is still a great opportunity for countries. Due to the high global demand for dried fruits and the high nutritional properties of these products, countries can develop their exports and increase their incomes by improving the quality of products, using new technologies, promoting the market, etc.

Therefore, the development of dried fruit exports plays an important role in the economic growth of countries and the realization of global food export goals. Considering the existing opportunities and challenges, this industry requires detailed planning and cooperation between different sectors of the industry and the government in order to have a strong presence in the path of sustainable development.

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