Has there been any research on the properties of dried fruit for diabetes? Which types of dry fruits can control diabetes? These questions are among the common questions that are asked by people who have high blood sugar. In the discussion of dry fruits, people who are concerned about their health care about such questions. In this article, we seek to answer these questions and introduce dry fruits useful for diabetes.

Properties of dried fruit for diabetes

In general, it can be said that fruits with high sugar content retain their sugar when they are dried, and fruits with less sugar have very low sugar content when dried. In fact, by knowing the amount of sugar in any fruit, you can find out its properties for diabetes and use it if it is suitable.

In any case, due to the amount of sugar in all kinds of dried fruits, when they are misused and used daily, they can cause problems even in people who do not have any problems. In the following, we will mention the introduction of dried fruits with many properties, including diabetes control.

Dried oranges

Orange is one of the winter fruits with many properties, drying it makes use of its properties in all seasons. Among the properties of dried fruit for diabetes, which is also present in dried oranges, is the low amount of sugar in them. On the other hand, dried orange as a dried fruit that is rich in vitamin C can strengthen the immune system in a person.
dried apple
Dried apple is one of the best dried fruits that have different types. This type of dried fruit has been noted for its low sugar content and for lowering the body’s need for insulin. This type of dried fruit can control blood sugar if it is used instead of sugar during the day, but like any other food, dried apple also contains sugar and should not be overused. The best type of dried apple for people with diabetes is green apple, which has a very good taste.

Dried apricots

Dried apricot is a commonly used dried fruit among people and its consumption can be effective in diabetes. One of the reasons for the importance of dried apricots for people with diabetes is the presence of a lot of fiber in this food. Fiber is known as a substance that is essential for the functioning of the stomach and digestive system.

Consuming dry fruits containing fiber, including dried apricots, helps in easy digestion of food and also controls the amount of sugar released from all kinds of food. In fact, this mechanism and properties of dried apricots in the body lead to control of blood sugar levels. On the other hand, this dry fruit increases the body’s ability to control the amount of insulin in the body.

dried plums

In fact, one of the properties of dried fruit for diabetes is to help control this problem and reduce its symptoms. Dried plum is one of the dried fruits that can control this disease and its symptoms. Dried plums, which can be used in a variety of foods, reduce the body’s urgent need for insulin, and for this reason, it has a mechanism similar to other dried fruits, including dried apples.

In general, prunes are used as one of the dried fruits that can lighten the stomach and reduce constipation. On the other hand, one of the common problems that people with diabetes suffer from is frequent urination and, as a result, feeling very thirsty. These symptoms are significantly reduced by consuming as much dried plums.

Dried strawberries

One of the most delicious and best dried fruits is dried strawberry, which can control blood sugar. This dry fruit has a lot of fiber and can cause good digestion. If you are not allergic to this dry fruit, you can control your diabetes by consuming it.


The properties of dried fruit for diabetes have caused its high consumption and increased consumer awareness of the properties of dried fruits. Among dried fruits, some of them, such as dried figs, are known as substances that have a high proportion of sugar. Therefore, you cannot use any dried fruit without knowledge, but some dried fruits such as dried apples and dried plums have been introduced as the most effective dried fruits in controlling diabetes.

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