Due to the importance of various types of dried fruits in weight loss diets, research has been conducted on the properties of dried fruits for weight loss. The result of this research shows that consumption of some dried fruits as an important type of dried fruit can be effective in reducing people’s weight. Meanwhile, some dried fruits have more properties for weight loss. In the rest of this article, we will examine the properties of dried fruit for weight loss and their importance.

Properties of dried fruit for weight loss

Dry fruits are one of the ingredients that should be included in the diet of people who want to lose weight. This substance has all the properties of fresh fruits and you can enjoy the benefits of various fruits in different seasons. The properties of dried fruit for weight loss include:

Dried fruit as a snack                                                                                                                                                                                One of the problems of people who want to lose weight is that they need food outside the house for snacks, and eating high-calorie foods makes them fat. These people need a small but light snack that will provide them with the necessary energy for the whole day. Dried fruits are one of the most important light snacks that make a person feel full and reduce the need for food.

Dried Fruit; A source of fiber
One of the most important properties of dried fruits for weight loss is the fiber found in fruits. Fiber is a substance that has many properties and is available in all kinds of fruits. Fiber makes food digest better and can be effective in the health of the digestive system. Therefore, dry fruits can facilitate weight loss for people by improving the function of the stomach and digestive system.

Dried fruit, vitamin source
When fresh fruits are dried, only their water content is reduced, but their properties are not changed. All kinds of vitamins should be present in slimming diets so that the body’s immunity is not compromised. Dry fruits can help people lose weight by providing a variety of vitamins. On the other hand, the antioxidant in them reduces the problems of the person during the weight loss diet.

Dried Fruit; source of iron
One of the properties of dried fruit for weight loss and reducing its complications is the presence of iron. There is a considerable amount of iron in some dry fruits, and the presence of iron makes a person who consumes a smaller amount of food always fresh. Therefore, this food must be used by these people.


The best dried fruits for weight loss

Among the types of dry fruits, some have more properties for weight loss. The best and most useful dried fruits for weight loss are:

dry kiwi
Kiwi is known as a fruit that lightens the stomach. Drying and consuming this fruit accelerates the slimming process, because it has a lot of fiber and makes a person feel full for a while.

Dried apricots
Dried apricot is one of the most popular dried fruits, which is also used in some dishes. Consuming this dry fruit can make one not need meals for long hours. This material also has fiber and various vitamins and can help facilitate weight loss in people.

dry coconut
Coconut is a fruit that many people refuse to consume because of its fat content. It is interesting to know that the fat in coconut is completely healthy fat and its consumption can help people lose weight. This fruit can cause weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolism. Therefore, you can include dry coconut in your weight loss diet and benefit from its benefits.

Dried mango and dried strawberry
Dried mangoes and dried strawberries are also other dried fruits whose consumption can cause healthy and effective weight loss in people. These materials all have a variety of vitamins and useful substances, and their consumption makes people healthier. On the other hand, consuming these dried fruits can relieve constipation.



One cup of mixed dried fruit contains approximately this amount of nutrients:
Calories: 480
Protein: 4 grams
Fat: 0 grams
Carbohydrates: 112 grams
Fiber: 8 grams
Sugar: 92 grams


Dry fruits have many benefits, one of which is helping to lose weight. These dry ingredients can help the proper functioning of the stomach and accelerate weight loss by better digesting food. Among other properties of dry fruit for weight loss, it can be mentioned that it increases the metabolism of the body, solves problems such as constipation, feeling full and not needing to eat meals, etc.

Considering all the mentioned cases, one should be careful in the consumption of dry fruits, because some of them can have the opposite result if used a lot.

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