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Know your buyer before quoting your offer

Well-known buyers regularly get offers from potential suppliers with price information, and many buyers will tell you to email your quotation after your first introduction. However, your buyer is not looking for a price, he is looking for a good and reliable deal. Whether this deal is with you depends on your relation to the buyer and the level of trust you have gained.


Do not make ‘price’ your only selling point. Realise that before becoming a supplier, you will often need to fill in forms and send copies of your certifications. Price quotations will merely provide the buyer with market information and potential input to re-negotiate his deal with his preferred supplier.

Find and use your unique selling points

Thoroughly analyse what makes your company different from other suppliers. What are your unique selling points? Try to differentiate and link your proposition to the needs of your potential buyer. For example, show your work with small farmers when targeting companies with fair-trade products; mention your production power to ensure supply reliability to large buyers; separate production and processing lines for specialised buyers of gluten-free grains; adopt organic farming for typical health-related grains and seeds; or add value with basic processing for specific buyers.

Explain why you are a reliable supplier

Instead of telling your potential buyer that you are competitive and that you are compliant with product requirements, explain what makes you a reliable supplier and how you manage your business. This creates trust and gives your potential buyer a positive impression on reliability and seriousness. Tell your buyer about your organization, your track record and show your production process. Certifications are important to add in your marketing, but your company values and how you apply them in practice are more personal and therefore add more character to your offer.

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